NO Juke Box, NO Pool Table
and NO Bandits !!
Just wonderfull jazz, top
quality beer and intellyjunt konversayshun

The Trumpet Entertainment Guide
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Day Date Band

MAY - 2020

 Monday 11/05/2020

 Reg and Musti

 Tuesday 12/05/2020

 The Pacitto Legacy

 Wednesday 13/05/2020

 Chase Jazzmen

 Thursday 14/05/2020

 Bill Hayes Trio with Dave Chance (vocals)

 Friday 15/05/2020

 Swing Parade

 Saturday 16/05/2020

 The Comrades

 Sunday 17/05/2020

 Sunday lunch - Bill B Trio with Joe Lees (clarinet)

 Sunday 17/05/2020

 Tim Amann Xtet

 Monday 18/05/2020

 Reg and Musti

 Tuesday 19/05/2020

 Shaine Dorsey Band

 Wednesday 20/05/2020

 Mercia Jazz 5

 Thursday 21/05/2020

 Dutch Lewis and His Select Trio

 Friday 22/05/2020

 Swing Parade

 Saturday 23/05/2020

 Belle Ambiance

 Sunday 24/05/2020

 Sunday lunch - Bandits

 Sunday 24/05/2020

 Bill Hayes Trio with Musti (vocals and percussion)

 Monday 25/05/2020

 Reg and Musti

 Tuesday 26/05/2020

 Sophisticated Swing

 Wednesday 27/05/2020

 Mike Turner Band

 Thursday 28/05/2020

 Big B Swingtet

 Friday 29/05/2020

 Swing Parade

 Saturday 30/05/2020

 Vic Evans and The Blue Notes

 Sunday 31/05/2020

 Sunday lunch - Shades of Swing

 Sunday 31/05/2020

 Henry Newman Band

JUL - 2020

 Sunday 26/07/2020

 Sunday lunch - John Evans Trio with Roger Armstrong on Drums and Gary Bell on trumpet

AUG - 2020

 Saturday 1/08/2020

 Ratatouille - 4pm to 7pm

 Sunday 2/08/2020

 Sunday Lunch - John Evans Jazz Experience with John Evans on Piano, Malcolm Garrett on Drums and Gary Bell on Trumpet

 Saturday 8/08/2020

 Sheila Waterfield Trio with Richard Jones on piano and Ian Hill on saxophone - 4pm to 7pm

 Sunday 9/08/2020

 Sunday lunch - Billy Hayes trio with Dave Chance and Bradley White

 Saturday 15/08/2020

 Ratatouille - 4pm to 7pm

 Sunday 16/08/2020

 Sunday Lunch - John Evans Experience with Malcolm Garrett on drums and Antonio Sochi on trumpet and vocals.